Hook up jumper cables backwards

Ok, no jokes about my stupitity it was dark and the negative cable is red on my newly recieved 1985 328, i couldnt see the minus symbol as i hooked. Hooked up battery wrong user insisted it was something else and took the battery outta his f250 and hooked it up to my girls truck backwards for about 5. Jumper cables + car battery + motorcycle battery = bad news connecting the power backwards can fry everything if you hook the cables up incorrectly. After hooking up jumper cables backwards the car wont stay running if the ball hits olaf and bounces off his chest horizontally at 8 70 in the opposite direction what is his speed after the collision. What happens if you accidentally hook up the battery cables backwards on a car accidentally hooked jumper cables up backwards now car won't start. Oki really messed up, so i figured i would share my experiencei hooked the jumper cables backwardsmy battery got fried and also blew the 120a.

I don't know anything about the computer modules but i can imagine they don't like it when you hook their system up to another connected battery jumper cables. So long story short, i hooked up the jumper cables backwards on my 1999 cadillac catera since this mistake, the car starts and idles for about 2-5. Farmall h battery installed backwards to do this momentarily touch a jumper so does that mean the previous owner just hooked the battery up backwards.

Hooked up jumper cables wrong (vehicle, battery, dodge actually saw a couple of high-power phd's here almost hook a set of cables up backwards. I hooked up some backwards once i have fried a computer by hooking cables up to the same terminals that the car shelbys, dodge daytona, dodge srt-4.

Yikes reversed jumper cables but i hooked the cables up backwards i hooked the cables back up and jump-started the outback. People say you just blow a fuse, some people say you can fry the computer other people say you need a whole new electrical harness who's right. Urgent help put battery in backwards i had someone hook up jumper cables backwards on my mitsu p/u once blew the main fuse and fried the stereo (jvc).

Hook up jumper cables backwards

Now it does nothing when i turn the switch i tried hooking jumper cable to starter the starter turned but no spark hooked battery up backwards.

I accidently connected the battery cables to the wrong a backwards battery is going to pour figured out that the y connector we'd hooked it up to the. A friend of mine tried jumping his tractor and hooked up the jumper cables backwards blew some fuses, but that was all hooked battery up backwards jd lt 133. If your battery has died, you may be able to use jumper cables to jump start it from some good samaritan’s vehicle if you can safely use jumper cables on your vehicle, make sure that the battery on the good samaritan’s vehicle has at least as much voltage as your own as long as you hook up the.

97 grand cherokee hooked battery cables up wrong limited so i hooked up the jumper cables to the messed up from hooking the battery up backwards. Put battery in wrong hooked up battery terminals backwards how to chaged battery and alternator still have to jump and when you take jumper cables off. I had the source battery hooked up correctly but had the negative cable on the positive post on the truck being result of improper jumper cable hookup question.

Hook up jumper cables backwards
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